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Preventing Water Damage In Your Home

Plumbing issues can arise from anywhere at any time. One of the biggest and costliest areas of concern is not only fixing the plumbing problem but the damage it can leave behind. Here are some easy steps to find signs of potential water damage before it becomes an expensive problem and how to prevent some of these issues from arising in the first place. 

To spot some of these problem areas, you’ll want to check for missing grout in bathroom tile and check for missing or peeling caulk around tubs, showers, and toilets as these can be signs of potential leaks and water can seep through these openings, causing further damage.  You should also check for toilets that rock as this can cause the wax seal to leak, allowing water to enter the floorboard or even ceiling below the toilet. 

For many of us living in areas prone to heavy rainfall, snow, or moisture in the soil, a sump pump can be a key preventative measure to keep your home dry and avoid costly damage to the home to the foundation of the home and your belongings.  For those homeowners that have a sump pump in their homes, it’s a good idea to also look into installing a back-up sump pump in the event of a power outage or in cases where the primary sump pump can fail. 

Also, for homeowners that live in areas that see freezing temperatures, it’s a good idea to disconnect any hoses from outside faucets as this can cause some piping inside the home to burst. 

There are many steps we can take on our own to keep the cost of water damage at a minimum, however, consulting with a licensed plumber is recommended if any repairs or inspections are necessary. 

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