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Benefits of Hydro-Jetting vs. Snaking

When a drain is clogged with debris such as hair or a rag or similar object, a snake is the best tool to remove it from the drain. The head of the snake will grab an object to pull it from the drain. If the clog is due to build-up in the drain like food, grease, calcium, or roots, a snake will only punch a hole in the stoppage or move it around in the drain. The snake will not be able to push sludge out of the drain.

Where a snake starts the job of unclogging the drain and getting the water flowing again, hydro-jetting finishes the job by blasting the debris out of the pipe. You can think of hydro-jetting as a pressure wash to restore the full functionality of the drain. Not only will the hydro-jetter clean the drain, but it also has special attachments to cut roots out of sewers without harming the pipe.

For any clog, the best advice is to avoid using harmful chemicals that can damage the integrity of the pipes and to have a licensed professional assess the stoppage to determine the best course of action to take.

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